Health and Plants

lavender-399273_960_720Naturally a healthy diet includes a lot of plant based foods: fruits, vegetables, greens, and herbs. Eating meat after all can increase your risk of certain cancers. The World Health Organization in 2015, for instance, found that eating processed meats like hot dogs, ham and bacon can increase cancer risk, especially colon risk. Diets that are high in fatty, red meats also can raise cholesterol, increasing heart disease risks. Meanwhile, plant-based foods have potential to do the opposite, with antioxidants lowering everything from cancer risk to blood pressure. Not only is it good for our bodies, but a more plant based diet is often good for the planet, reducing carbon emissions from animals and the trucks that drive them and their meat around our world.

Did you know plants are also good for each other? A healthy garden is a mixed garden because a lot of plants like and thrive when grown next to each other. Lavender repels slugs for example and Marigolds keep those pesky aphids away. No chemicals needed, just a handy guide to what helps what and what keeps away those little critters that want to eat away at your garden.

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