Puji Rianti’s Work

There are many people whose names will be credited when we are able to save orangutans from extinction. I’d like to introduce someone who is poised to be included on that list. That person is Puji Rianti.

Puji’s “laboratory” differs greatly from Dr. Birute’s. While most agree there are only two species of orangutan, Puji’s work shows there may be up to six. She is wisely focusing her work in Sumatra right now, where the orangutan population has dwindled to 6600. Any information we know that helps explain patterns of behavior can and will help preserve this beautiful animal.

While many are doing tremendous work nurturing and rehabilitating orangutans, Puji’s work may someday be the key to keeping orangutans from needing that care. According to her, it is “the pure science.”

Thank you Puji and good luck.

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