RRAM, 1TB in a Postage Stamp

Currently, only high-end smartphones contain 3GB of memory. Most phones do not have expandable memory, and if you use your phone often, you’re probably familiar with the “low memory error” warning. Scientists at Rice University are working on a form of RRAM (resistive RAM) that will make phone memory today look like floppy disks of the past.

Johannes Marliem

The RRAM will have a simple manufacturing process that will make it widely available for use in a wide range of electronic devices. It will be composed of porous silicon oxide filled with metals like gold or platinum. It requires less power, lasts longer, and can withstand high heat; it will be like having a state-of-the-art solid state drive (SSD) for portable electronic devices.

This technology, developed by Crossbar, will make its debut later this year in appliances and cars. While its first appearance on the market is not as revolutionary as its use in a phone or tablet will be, it gives scientists time to work out kinks and ensure the chip works to its full potential. Crossbar is currently in talks with a manufacturer, meaning that we could see these new, easy-to-make, powerful RAM chips in our devices very soon.

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