Space Debris

blog_entry_0924784001479135493Trash isn’t only a problem on planet earth, we have a serious debris problem in space as well. This may seem distant and a bit “out of sight out of mind”, however this could pose a big problem for space travel.

In less than 25 years, the size of space garbage has become sufficiently huge enough to decimate a shuttle has dramatically increased. The enormous concern is that gathering space garbage may prompt something many refer to as the Kessler syndrome, a chain response of crashes that exponentially expands the measure of garbage. An impact between two satellites may make a large number of smaller items. Those a huge number of trash items could crash into millions more objects, et cetera. The final product is an invulnerable billow of flotsam and jetsam that would make space travel so much harder.

Scientists have a problem on their hands to solve to make sure that we can safely continue to navigate space.

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