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Leave Baby Animals Alone in the Spring  

BabyBirdsIt is Spring and during this time of year we may run into small adolescent animals without visible parents around. Our instinct is to help them, pick up that baby bird, capture that small deer and take them to get help. However, this is completely unneeded. Chances are these animals are fine, being taken care of by their parents and in no need of help. In fact dealing with, moving, or catching apparently deserted untamed life can hurt or eventually execute the creature and can put your safety at risk.

More often than not a baby animal that seems, by all accounts, to be abandoned are essentially sitting tight for their mom to return. For example baby deer are normally covered and have little fragrance, which helps them stay undetected by predators. Many other species, including rabbits, have a comparative procedure with their young, concealing them amid the day while the grown-ups are searching for nourishment and different assets.

Remember in most places removing animals from the wild is illegal, as is feeding them. Touching wild animals can also expose you to thinks like rabies, roundworm, ticks, and other diseases and parasites that can be transmitted across species.

So leave that baby bird, its mom is likely nearby, parenting in nature is hands off sometimes and you should be too.