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Cleaning up the Ocean

Cleaning up the Ocean

The ocean is filled with debris. This has been well documented for decades and a problem we can all agree upon. Sea turtles and other marine animals consume the trash mistaking it for food and die slow, painful deaths. The plastic just doesn’t degrade and it causes endless problems for our oceans, but one group is taking up the fight to rid our waters of garbage.

A Dutch group, called “The Ocean Cleanup”, intending to free the world’s seas of plastic waste says it will begin tidying up the enormous zone of gliding garbage known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch . The project is to begin earlier than expected, within the next 12 months.

The Ocean Cleanup plans to utilize long-distance gliding booms that work like coastlines to assemble plastic as it floats on or close to the surface of the water while enabling ocean life to go underneath.

The arrangement initially was to grapple the obstructions to the ocean bed with a framework utilized by oil rigs, however the association said Thursday it now will utilize stays that buoy underneath the water’s surface, making it a great deal more effective.

With people like this the world has a much brighter future, science could be the answer to a lot of problems our world faces.